Each Fresh Frozen Spirulina cube contains 20% fresh Spirulina full of important vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids!


Find us at RECOVER

Want to taste and enjoy our Spirulina in real live before ordering? We're present in multiple locations around The Netherlands. We just partnered up with RECOVER FOOD.

RECOVER developed their own smoothie with our Fresh Frozen Spirulina: The Green Detox Smoothie. Try it at their great place in the heart of Amsterdam.

Rozengracht 231, Amsterdam

Fresh frozen Spirulina

We have worked hard to live up to expectations. We aim to create a unique and easy-to-use product and develop one-of-a-kind packaging, delivery, and customer service to ensure you will experience the full I AM ALGAE treatment.

Boost your health

We cultivate high quality Spirulina and turn it into tasty fresh frozen cubes to boost your health.

60% Of Spirulina is pure proteine. This beats any other food in the world.

Richly filled with the following vitamins: A, C, E, K, B1, B2, and B6. Spirulina is 100% natural so your body will easily adopt all of these vitamins within no-time. 

I AM ALGAE is fresh frozen food

Looking at all these benefits, you might think we are promoting a supplement. At I AM ALGAE, we believe in the opposite. Spirulina is food and deserves to be a full blown ingredient inside any kitchen.