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Some say we hacked the sun, but we created this technology for a clear reason: sustainable cultivation.

Local production means lower food miles and artificial light means product consistency all year round. Fresh algae just make life better, so we believe that it should be available for everyone: it’s as simple as that.

Just technology supporting nature

Basically, we are just making the most out of articifical light to produce high quality fresh spirulina all year round. Easy as that.

The alternative is not that good, actually

Depending on weather and geo-location conditions, the biggest part of spirulina production around the world is grown to dry and turn into powder. In this case, a lot of the benefits are lost and the taste is - well - significantly less than fresh spirulina.

Fresh spirulina, frozen

When we harvest our locally produced spirulina, we make sure to freeze is straight away. This process makes sure we keep all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants right in there!

Keep it frozen and enjoy the I AM ALGAE cubes whenever you want.